Acrylic & Styrene Acrylic

Building and Construction
CADY designed its products to be essential to our customers; and deliver unsurpassed value to a host of people. Our products are key solutions for coating manufacturers, builders, and property owners. Within our portfolio are polymers that bring strength, longevity, and durability to a broad range of interior and exterior surfaces. Utilizing CADY products, advanced performance can be achieved, including production efficiency.

Textiles Coatings
We provide solutions. CADY provides polymers and additives that enhance textile performance that sets our customers apart from anyone else. Our products improve functionality, durability, flame retardancy, water resistance, etc. They achieve these attributes provided by proprietary CADY technological advancements. Whether our customers are looking to improve clarity, hand, drape, washability, or noise dampening; we are there with a solution in hand. At CADY, we are good listeners; and by listening we are able to partner with our customers to collaborate with them. This collaboration brings their textile expertise and our chemical resources together to optimize performance.


Filtration and Specialty Paper
We provide consistent, quality products, to the filtration and specialty paper industries. These markets can rely on CADY for binders, saturants, as well as other performance polymer products. Our people are driven, not only to have products in the market, but to produce the best product available. Regardless of what our customers are looking for; our uniquely functional products create opportunities to excel.
  Adhesives & Sealants
CADY invests in people; and those people bring valuable innovative technology to the market. If you’re seeking to improve adhesion, water resistance, etc. to any application ask a CADY representative. Our products can be found all across North America and into Canada. We offer products that are designed to be a solution that will meet or exceed your requirements. Our portfolio includes a broad range of flexibility in surface tension and Tg; while our rheology modifiers impart unique flow characteristics that meet your needs.


Within this broad range of markets are products that consist of:
  • 100% Acrylic
  • Styrene Acrylic
  • Low-Temperature Pressure Sensitive to -40°C
  • Hand-Building Coatings to +36°C
  • Face Coatings
  • Abrasive paper
  • Elastomeric Roof Coating
  • Filtration
  • Formaldehyde-Free
  • Sport Surfaces Binder Coatings
  • Packaging Coatings
  • Dirt Pick-up Resistant Flexible Coatings


Polymer Emulsions

Product TgOC Type Charge Solids, % pH Viscosity, cPs Density Suggested Use  
AE-1055-5 -10 Acrylic Anionic 55 9.0 < 500 1.07 Elastomeric roof coating  
AE-1068 -40 Acrylic Anionic 55 9.0 < 500 1.07 Elastomeric roof coating  
AE-1407 +36 Acrylic Anionic 45 3.0 < 150 1.06 Durable, non-woven binder  
AE-1694 -26 Acrylic Nonionic 50 8.5 < 200 1.07 Fabric coating  
AE-0480 +10 Acrylic Anionic 45 9.0 < 150 1.06 Face coating  
AE-41039 -10 Styrene Acrylic Anionic 55 9.0 < 500 1.07 Elastomeric roof coating  
AE-6526 +45 Acrylic Anionic 50 3.0 < 200 1.07 Hard, top coating  
AE-9436 +12 Acrylic Anionic 49 3.0 < 200 1.07 Book cover stock, hand builder  
AE-2162 -11 Acrylic Anionic 50 3.0 < 200 1.07 Book covers and wallpaper  
AE-1052 +17 Acrylic Anionic 50 9.0 < 600 1.07 Masonry paints and primers  
AE-1036 +17 Acrylic Anionic 50 9.0 < 600 1.07 Water resistant sealant  
AE-3312 +45 Acrylic Anionic 41 8.0 < 500 1.06 Tile and concrete sealant  
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