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CADY is more than just chemicals

Essential: es-sen-tial, adjective: absolutely necessary, extremely important.
Our primary focus, our chief goal, our prime directive, is to be thought of by our customers as Essential. CADY seeks to bring value to each and every aspect of your business.

  • Additives


    • Ammonium Stearate (high ammonia)
    • Ammonium Stearate (low ammonia)
    • Potassium Laureate
    • Potassium Oleate, derived from tall oil fatty acid
    • Sulphates of laurel and ethoxylated laurel alcohol

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  • Toll Manufacturing

    Toll Manufacturing

    Managing capital is always an issue. Here at CADY, you are able to use our facility to produce your goods, without emptying the bank account. Within our facility is the flexibility, and the manufacturing robustness, to manufacture just about anything in any quantity.

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  • Transportation and Equipment Leasing

    Transportation and Equipment Leasing

    • For-Hire fleet
    • U.S. and Canadian registrations and permits
    • Thirty tankers (separate from leasing units)
    • Single, Double, and Multiple compartmented units
    • Dedicated service for sensitive materials
    • Tank trailer leasing
    • Single, Double, & Triple Compartment Units
    • MC307/MC407 Coded
    • Short-Term & Long-Term Leases

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  • Medical and Health

    Medical and Health

    Trust is something that has to be earned. Since 1985, CADY Industries has been the dedicated supplier of gel foam and non-gel foam liquid latex to one of top-leading manufacturers of foot-care products.

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